Ken Bengtsson


Lab-based Study Example

This was a study done in Europe and North Africa – specifically France, Spain, and Morocco. We wanted to see how MoneyGram agents would react to using a new web-based application for performing money transfers. Our main goals were to discover:

  1. How do agents respond, both through behavior and attitude, to the new UI designs?
  2. Are users able to successfully complete send and/or receive transactions using the new designs?
  3. Are there any usability or interaction issues that need to be addressed?
  4. How much training (if any) will be required for the agents to be successful with either design?


View of a moderator speaking with a participant in Madrid, Spain.

View of an agent being tested in Paris, France. We are observing what he is doing on the large monitor while sitting behind a mirror.

For this I created A/B testing with two alternatives – a screen flow that they were more used to and an updated one that we thought might be a better experience. I created the study, contracted with a vendor to hire facilities and native speaking moderators, and created prototypes using Axure RP. Creating the prototype allowed us to mimic and test proposed functionality. The prototype and moderator scripts were then translated into Spanish and French.

Based on our findings:

  • The company built one type of transaction flow instead of two – saving a substantial amount of development money.
  • Agents needed little to no training to use the new application, another cost savings.
  • We proposed a chat option for tellers to get information that pertained to the transaction on hand.
  • The company decided to review it’s existing vendor contract with it’s translation firm and see if there were better options.

The testing was widely viewed by management as a success.