Ken Bengtsson



Personas are helpful for the product and development teams to aid them in keeping an idea of who they are creating products for. Creating personas for a global user base is a bit tricky. There is only so much detailed user data that it is possible to collect and sort through. In order to create personas of MoneyGram’s agents I distilled them down to four basic user types:

• Money transfer business owners – those who’s sole business is transferring money.
• Store owners – those that use money transfer to draw customers to their business.
• Bank employees
• Store employees

These four user types represent the vast majority of end users of MoneyGram’s agent facing applications. Granted there are regional differences and different agents types but the point of a persona is to keep the idea of who the customer is in front of the people developing the product. In this regard, these four types are appropriate.

Persona of an agent store employee.

Persona of a money transfer business owner.


Persona of a small business owner.

Persona of a bank employee agent.