Ken Bengtsson


Remote Testing Example

My experience with remote testing has been either over web conferencing with a subject or more commonly, using remote testing software – UserZoom to be exact.

I personally find remote testing good for validating lab-based results, performing regular baseline testing, A/B testing, sort testing, and for reaching areas of the globe that may not be convenient (or that you may be sadly lacking the budget) to go to.

Example Study

This small mobile phone study was performed in Q1 of 2017 in the U.S. We were attempting to find out:

1. If adding a sort feature to the existing agent locator would be helpful for customers,
2. How customers perceive what the term “Preferred Location” means and if it would effect their selection of that location on the website.


We remote tested 8 participants that were regular money transfer users – at least one transaction a month. They needed to be on an iPhone 6 or greater, using the Safari browser, and needed to agree to allow us to record both screen and video of them during the study. We also requested that they talk out loud while performing each of 3 tasks: a general sorting exercise, a filtering task, and a task to measure the impact of the term “Preferred Location” on their search.

Example of the MoneyGram Agent Locator on mobile.

Example of the MoneyGram Agent Locator on mobile.


Overall the participates were successful in completing each of the tasks. We discovered that combining the Sort and Filter features made more sense to the participants – an outcome we were not expecting and something that eventually went into development. We also were excited to discover that adding the term “Preferred Location” to an agent with the search results resulted in a higher percentage of participants selecting that agent – even when they did not fully understand what it meant. Participants perceived that those agents marked as preferred were of higher quality. This insight was passed on to Marketing for further research.

Screenshot of UserZoom results.

Screenshot of UserZoom results.