Ken Bengtsson


Corporate Intranet Example

I am mostly including this one not because it’s such a great design but because it is a practical, everyday example of hearing what people say they want but then digging deeper and giving them what they need.

I was approached by the Communications department with an exciting opportunity to redo the corporate intranet site. The current site is a jumbled mess of pages where it is difficult to find even basic information. It was an exciting project because a) it sounded like they knew exactly what they wanted and b) I would have carte blanche to pretty much do whatever I wanted UX and UI wise.

But, like all good fairy tales the thorns in this story quickly came out. Their request for funding was denied and all they got for a development team was one SharePoint dev and a CSS guy who would work on it as time allowed, and me. Scope was reduced to the landing page and we couldn’t do anything that required additional development. Oh, and they had conflicting ideas of what they wanted.

*womp womp*

In order to resolve these issues and see what was possible I:

  • First walked around and asked several employees how they used the current intranet website – how often they went to it, what they went there for, which sections they read if any.
  • Secondly, I went to the SharePoint team to find out what was possible. Responsive design? No. Fixed width? Yes. Social media possibilities? Yes, but clunky and/or custom work and thus out of scope.
  • Then I met with the Communications team to find out what their goals were. They were looking for the landing page to do two things: engage employees and provide an easy way to get to commonly used resources.

The design I proposed:

  • Promoted employee engagement by allowing comments on news articles as well as allowing them to like it by clicking on a heart icon (like on Instagram).
  • Provided easier navigation by breaking up long lists of links into categories in the ring menu as well as moving the most accessed links into an Employee Resources and Quick inks sections above the fold.
  • I also proposed adding a sense of fun through color and graphics and using more photos in the news articles to promote interest. Added a “Quote of the Day” section to display quotes from employees to humanize the experience.
  • Removed all of the screen clutter that wasn’t being used or could easily be found elsewhere (weather, stock price).

The new design:

Screenshot of the top of the intranet webpage. Screenshot of the middle of the intranet webpage. Screenshot of the bottom of the intranet webpage.